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There's simply nothing like fresh cooked meals with no prep and no cooking, just heat and serve.

For many years our owner and head chef, Ken Parodi, has crafted delicious BBQ and home-style meals. Whether he's preparing your weekly delivery order or catering an event, Ken's cooking is sure to tickle your taste buds and soothe your soul. "I have been obsessed with smoked foods since the first time I tasted smoked salmon. I knew I had to start designing and building them (smokers)and learning how to use them." said Ken.

Ken has an arsenal of smokers: Three of them are over 6' tall. One is used only for fish, one is used for bacon and pastrami, and there is one for everything else! And of course, his crowd-pleasing tow-able whole pig smoker. (well, most of the crowd)

The one to the left can smoke 36 slabs of ribs at a time or 35 half hams, etc. There will be dozens of smoked food entrees that Ken will be working into the Livermore community weekly meal menus. Can't you just smell the smoker?